Teaching Kids to Pray: Michelle Lee

Discipleship is not just something for adults.  In fact, the way we go about discipling kids is really important.  Over time we’ll be featuring posts on what discipleship looks like in many different areas, and today we want to share one about parenting from Michelle Lee.  She is a stay-at-home mom of two who is passionate about teaching her kids to follow Jesus–to find their own unique conformity.  Here is a recent post from her blog about teaching kids to pray.

Teaching Kids to Pray

Lately our kids have been taking a break from wanting to pray.  This pains me since it is one of the most important parts of a Christian’s life.  We decided to make a daily prayer sheet for our kids for each day of the month with what they could pray for.  I actually got this idea from Isaiah’s teacher.  She sent home a list of each child in the class and asked the kids to pray for each child every day of the week.  It really motivated Isaiah, as he would ask, who am I praying for tonight?  I love that.  Our list includes family members, our church, the poor, the Holy Spirit to be working, friends, community, etc.  It would be fun to cater your list to your family.  I am excited to see how this ignites our kids passion for prayer!


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