In case you were wondering if discipleship is important…

Unique Conformity is about reigniting the Church to be devoted and active disciples of Jesus.  There are many reasons why this is important, but I came across an article that exposes one of these reasons today–lack of real discipleship is an important part of the reason so many young people are leaving the Christian faith.  In his article entitled “The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the Church”, Drew Dyck says;

“I realized that most leavers had been exposed to a superficial form of Christianity that effectively inoculated them against authentic faith. When sociologist Christian Smith and his fellow researchers examined the spiritual lives of American teenagers, they found most teens practicing a religion best called “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism,” which casts God as a distant Creator who blesses people who are “good, nice, and fair.” Its central goal is to help believers “be happy and feel good about oneself.”

Where did teenagers learn this faith? Unfortunately, it’s one taught, implicitly and sometimes explicitly, at every age level in many churches. It’s in the air that many churchgoers breathe, from seeker-friendly worship services to low-commitment small groups. When this na•ve and coldly utilitarian view of God crashes on the hard rocks of reality, we shouldn’t be surprised to see people of any age walk away.”

We are failing our friends, children, and grandchildren because we’re missing the boat on discipleship!  There are many reasons discipleship is important, but certainly this is one of them.  We have to make changes.  We have to start getting this right or we will see more people leave the Christian faith because they weren’t taught or exposed to the real thing to begin with.


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