Discipleship Forcefields

I am a big proponent of seeing discipleship as something that impacts every moment of life.  From the way I talk to my kids in the morning to how I handle the guy that cuts me off in traffic to the way I use my time at work and so on, all of life is about discipleship.  It is about having my very self transformed into something that looks increasingly like Jesus and his way.

But I have to admit that I have little pockets built into my life that are immune to the impact of my desire to be a disciple of Jesus.  It’s not about doing things that don’t fit with the way of Jesus as much as it’s about areas of my life that exist without ever coming under scrutiny.  For example, most evenings after putting the kids to bed and doing a little work around the house my wife and I plop down on our couches (yes, we each have our own couch) to watch one or two (okay, sometimes 3) shows.  This is something we do consistently and I seldom give any consideration to how my discipleship might impact that habit.

My point here isn’t to say I shouldn’t watch any TV, but that I have this built-in time off from discipleship.  An hour or so of my day that has a force field around it.  It is easy to build time off from discipleship into our lives.  Most of the time it’s not planned or conscious, it’s just what we do.  Today I find myself challenged–not necessarily to cut out all TV from my life–but to not have any pockets of life that are free from being formed by my discipleship of Jesus.


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