Family, Courage, and Giving: Thoughts from our Board Chairman

This post contains some thoughts from the chairman of the board of Unique Conformity, James Gleghorn.

I want to thank Trevor for letting me write a guest blog post.  I have been on the board with Trevor from the very beginning of UC (and before that on the board of Infuse).

One of the joys of my life is Jake, my little eight-year-old prayer warrior.  Jake likes to talk about the Atlanta Mission and his little capitalist venture, “Jake’s All-Star Services”.  Jake’s “services”, include items like:  Yard work, house cleaning, worship consultant, church stewardship consulting, chef (wouldn’t recommend this one) and general contractor.  Jake gives his 10% tithe to 12Stone Church, saves 10% and also gives 10% to the Mission through cash or through buying food for our men’s shelter, The Shepherd’s Inn.  I love my family and there is something special about seeing your kid make wise and Godly decisions.

Jake did something a while ago that I didn’t see coming and thought worth sharing.  He met with Jim Reese, Atlanta Mission’s President and CEO.  Jake asked me to schedule an “official” appointment through Jim’s admin.  He had some things to discuss with Jim about the Mission (I wish I had his gumption at 8, or now…).  Jake wouldn’t tell me what he wanted to discuss, he only said he had ideas for how to make the Mission better and that Jim needed to hear them (unfortunately, I think he gets most of his “confidence” from me).  He and Jim had a great meeting and Jake and Jim gave each other a list of follow-up items.  I love the fact that Jim cares enough about his work family to take 30 minutes to talk with Jake.  His leadership makes it a pleasure to work here.

What are my take-aways from Jim and Jake?  I have an unbelievable family and work family.  I need to pray more fervently for Jim, our clients, our donors/volunteers and of course my family.  I also am challenged on how much and with what spirit I give.  If my eight-year-old can give more with a cheerful heart, I can too.

What are my take-aways for UC?  We need to pray more fervently for Trevor and Michelle, God’s wisdom for UC, the next year as UC really takes off and most importantly that God would be honored by everything UC is doing.

As we continue to grow and thrive as Unique Conformity, it is my heart’s desire that we would grow to be like the Atlanta Mission…a ministry that successfully serves for over 70 years and is able to change generations.  I pray that we would be wise stewards of the resources you entrust us with and we would use those resources to influence the discipleship conversation all over the world.

I love UC and consider it a great privilege to be able to serve and to give of my time, talent and treasure.  Like Jake, I can be a cheerful giver each month knowing that the resources are going to promote a great cause…discipleship.

My challenge to each of you (and to me!) reading this is to really think through your giving and spending.  If God truly owns it all and we are just stewards, are you giving were God’s wants you to give and is your giving in line with his gifting to you?  I hope you will continue to pray through your giving in 2011!  There are a lot of worthy ministry opportunities that you use your time, talent and treasure.

God bless!

James Gleghorn is the Chief Development Officer at Atlanta Mission, and organization committed to ending homelessness.  He is the chairman of the board of Unique Conformity.


One thought on “Family, Courage, and Giving: Thoughts from our Board Chairman

  1. James thanks for writing that. Wow, I am amazed by your 8 year old’s wisdom. Wanted to let you know I saved that story( to be able to share it with others in the future) – what an amazing story of someone (even at 8!) who ‘get’s it’ when it comes to stewardship.

    Bless ya mate and all you’re doing though UC & the Mission.

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