Calling All Parents

This month we’ve been focusing on what discipleship looks like for kids.  As I’ve read articles and listened to Jenna Hallock and others talk about the topic, one of the things that struck me is the importance of adult discipleship in the process of discipleship with kids.  Jenna raised the point that if parents have no idea what it means to be a disciple of Jesus they won’t be able to teach their kids or model a life of discipleship for them.  A few takeaways for me from all this:

  • This got me thinking about how I can teach the parents I work with not only to be disciples but to make disciples of their kids as well.  Passing on discipleship to kids isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally to parents so we need to think about how we can help them fulfill this important calling.
  • Part of unique conformity for every parent is discipling their kids.  This is not something a parent needs a special call for, it is something they are called to because they are parents.
  • The church needs to be proactive in it’s role helping parents with how to make disciples of their children.  We can’t just preach and hope they get it.

If you’re a parent or someone who knows parents (which means everyone), consider what this essential task of discipling children looks like for you.


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