The Now: Enjoying All of Life

I have always looked forward to the next big event of life. My birthday, the first day of school, going to summer camp, moving on to junior high then high school then college then seminary, getting a date getting engaged and getting married, having a kid and then having another one. It seems I have lived life seeing 90% of it as a means to an end. The necessary time waiting in line before hopping on the roller coaster. Mundane but something you had to put up with to get the next high.

Now that I’m old(er) I’m learning to see that all of life is to be enjoyed. I’m learning to appreciate the rhythm of life. Getting up, seeing my family, working, relaxing, cooking, reading, sleeping. I guess none of those are mountain-top experiences, but they’re all great. They’re my life, the life God has given me to enjoy. I’m learning to love the road and not just the destination.

For those who want to be disciples of Jesus I think this is an important discipline to learn–to really be present and content in the moment.  If we are not able to do that we will miss opportunities to love others as ourselves, find joy in what’s happening, and even to find a path to growth through life’s difficult times.  Our lives are a gift from God and it’s great to look forward to what’s coming, it’s just good if we can do that without forgetting what’s happening now.



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